The Ghost Next Door by Wylly Folk St. John [FIRST PAPERBACK PRINTING / 1972]

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The Ghost Next Door by Wylly Folk St. John w/ illustrations by Trina Schart Hyman


Vintage paperback in very good condition.

Front cover has some creasing; otherwise excellent.  Reads perfectly!  

Sherry Alston had never been told about her dead half-sister Miranda. So when Sherry came to visit her Aunt Judith, no one could explain the odd things that started to happen. Who was the elusive friend Sherry said she saw in the garden? Was she an imaginary playmate - or could she be the ghost of Miranda who had drowned in the pond years ago? Uncanny reminders of Miranda began to turn up - a blue rose, a lost riding whip...

Lindsey and Tammy, who lived next door, decided to delve into the meaning of the apparent psychic phenomena. They soon found themselves drawn deeper and deeper into an intriguing mystery.