The Haunted: One Family's Nightmare by Robert Curran with Ed & Lorraine Warren [FIRST EDITION]

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The Haunted: One Family's Nightmare by Robert Curran with Ed Warren & Lorraine Warren


Hardcover with Dust Jacket in Excellent condition.  Book and Dust Jacket are both Like New with some extremely mild shelf-wear and a hint of tanning to cover.  

Jack and Janet Smurl and their family have been victims of abuse - both mental and physical - by inhuman entities that threaten their sanity, and even their lives. Over several years, the Smurls together with numerous other people - neighbours, police, priests, researchers - have witnessed scores of supernatural events at the family house: the ripping out of ceiling fixtures, the levitation and beating of the family dog, Janet's strangling by unseen hands, the repeated appearance of a black hooded figure - and more. And they can't escape - the demon even follows them when they leave their house. 

Ed and Lorraine Warren, world-famous psychic researchers whose more celebrated cases include the haunting at West Point and the events at a house on Long Island that became known as The Amityville Horror, have been involved with the Smurl case since early in 1986 and have, among many other things, arranged for the exorcisms that have been held at the home. The Warren's vast experience with the paranormal have helped the Smurl family deal with the nightmare that they are going through- and will help you see, and perhaps understand, the existence and possible terrors of the other side.

You will be shocked and disturbed by the story told here; it will remind you of tales you heard in the dark; of books and movies that have kept you awake nights; of nightmares of your own. But at the heart of this story is a real American family who have faced horrors that none of us should even have to imagine- but have survived thanks to their strong moral values, their unshaking religious faith, and their undying love for one another.