The Headless Ghost by R.L. Stine [1995 FIRST EDITION] Goosebumps #37

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The Headless Ghost by R.L. Stine [GOOSEBUMPS #37]


First edition paperback w/ textured Goosebumped cover.

A like new and still unread copy w/ some trace shelf wear to cover.

They've got a real head start . . . 

Everyone knows about Hill House. It's the biggest tourist attraction in town. That's because it's haunted. Haunted by the ghost of a thirteen-year-old boy. A boy with no head!  Duane and Stephanie love Hill House. It's dark. And creepy. And totally scary.
Still, they've never actually seen the ghost. Until the night they decide to go on a search. A search for his head . . .