The Jade Enchantress by E. Hoffmann Price [FIRST EDITION PAPERBACK] 1982

  • $15.00

The Jade Enchantress by E. Hoffmann Price


Vintage paperback in very good condition.  Cover shows some mild wear to edges and light creasing beside spine.   Publishers mark to top of text block.  Inside, contents reads like new w/ tanning to pages.

It was perhaps natural, after a thousand years of celibacy, that the Immortal Jade Lady should petition the Moon Goddess for a lover. The trouble was that he was a mortal and she was a spirit--which made for certain difficulties. Then she had to fall in love with him!

Ju-hai had troubles enough without spirit entanglements. He had a powerful enemy, seeking to destroy his family to seize their lands. Somehow, Ju-hai had to rescue his father, illegally impressed to fight a distant war, even though success meant outlawry. Then he had to win justice and vengeance against the enemy. It was a task to confound a mighty warrior and magician. And, of course, there was the matter of Hsi-feng, the little slave-girl...

But the Jade Lady meant to save him and to make him an Immortal, too--whether he wanted to be on not!