The Killing Gift by Bari Wood [1975 HARDCOVER] • G.P. Putnam's Sons

  • $18.00

The Killing Gift by Bari Wood


Vintage hardcover with dust jacket in very good condition.

Dust jacket has some visible shelf wear and a few worn edges, but is otherwise very nice, now housed in a new archival quality jacket protector.

Book itself is mint.   Looks and reads like new. 

God help you if Jennifer hated you -- or if you fell in love with her . . .

Everyone whispered that there was something strange and ominous about Jennifer -- that she had no real friends, scared people off somehow. But that was probably just jealous gossip, for Jennifer had everything other people coveted: beauty, money, success.

Yet frightening things did seem to happen around her. Objects fell and should have broken -- but didn't. And when people displeased Jennifer, when lovers made her angry, she became possessed by a power she could neither see nor hear. All sound was swallowed. The air became heavier and heavier. And her deadly energy unleashed an evil so impossible that it could not be believed.   But it must...