The Last Tycoon by F. Scott Fitzgerald [1969 BC HARDCOVER]

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Hardcover with a few scuffs and scratches to cover.  Inside reads good as new; clean, white & unmarked pages.    Upper-outer page edges have some mild foxing.

The studio lot looks like 'thirty acres of fairyland' the night that a mysterious woman stands and smiles at Monroe Stahr, the last of the great Hollywood princes. Enchanted by one another, they begin a passionate but hopeless love affair, starting with a fast-moving seduction as slick as a scene from one of Stahr's pictures. The romance unfolds, frame by frame, watched by Cecilia, a thoroughly modern girl who has taken her lessons in sentiment and cynicism from all the movies she has seen. Her buoyant humour and satirical eye perfectly complement Fitzgerald's panorama of Hollywood at its most lavish and bewitching.