The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry [HARCOVER RE-PRINT] 1982 • Harcourt

  • $49.00

The Little Prince written and illustrated by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry 


80's Re-print of the 1943 american first edition.  Large square hardcover with blue cloth bound boards.

Dust jacket has a spot of sticker ghosting on front and a faint water stain along bottom of rear [very subtle] -- otherwise Very Good!  Now housed in a new Brodart jacket protector.

Book itself is pristine.  Looks and reads like new. 

The Little Prince lived alone on a tiny planet no larger than a house. He possessed three volcanoes, two active and one extinct, although on never knows about volcanoes. He also owned a flower, unlike any flower in all the galaxy, of great beauty and of inordinate pride. It was this pride that ruined the serenity of the Little Prince's world and started him on the travels that brought him at last to the Earth where he learned finally, from a fox, the secret of what is really important in life.

To preserve his memory of the Little Prince, Saint-Exupéry has made some forty watercolors, whimsical, gravely meticulous in detail. Each is an almost essential part of the story.

There are a few stories which in some way, in some degree, change the world forever for their readers. This is one.