The Magic Makers: Magic & Sorcery Through the Ages by David Carroll [FIRST EDITION] 1974

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The Magic Makers: Magic & Sorcery Through the Ages by David Carroll 


Hardcover with dust jacket in very good condition. 

Dust jacket is in very good shape; some discoloration and a few minor sealed edge tears; housed in a protective brodart jacket.  Price in tact on front panel. 

Book itself is near mint; looks and reads like new. 

Written with wit, perspective and knowledge, here is a journey from ancient times to the present into the magical world and the lives of its magi -- a journey that links the magical to mundane, and treats of magic at its best as a most honorable way of life, indeed a way of viewing and revealing higher life.

Explanations on what the magic universe is, where magic begins and where it ends, the difference between white magic and the black magic of the sorcerer and his various apprentices.  It proceeds to magic as developed and as a dynamic part of the lives and society of the Egyptians, including their priesthood, temple initiations, such famous foreign students as Plato and Pythagoras, the significance and processes of embalming and mummification and the devil.