The Mall by Sara King [FIRST EDITION PAPERBACK] 1987 • Paperjacks Horror

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The Mall by Sara King


Mega rare and long out of print 80's mall themed erotic horror / thriller.

*1st page has a cropped corner and a sticker from orig. owner.   

Otherwise, a very nice copy in perfect reading condition with some light wear and tanning to pages.

Attention shoppers: On our second level-- Men's Shops, Musical Instruments and Murder...

Welcome to 2500 Lewiston Square-- The Mall -- Where strangers pass in a frenzied rush of holiday shopping.... Where the best in fashion, jewels and art are sold to an exclusive clientele... Where even ordinary shoppers can stroll its glittering prefab corridors lost in a fantasy of wealth, beauty and luxury.

But beneath this glossy veneer lies a darker world of greed, lust and power...

Of rich proprietors indulging in decadent fancies and schemes... Of a sex-crazed Santa Claus on the prowl... And a kindhearted clergyman praying for an end to the corruption.  But with the holidays approaching, things can only get worse.  Soon the crowds will grow larger and the cash registers louder as "2500 Lewiston Square" explodes into a fevered pitch of shopping, sex, sales and scandal.