The Moving Toyshop by Edmund Crispin [1976 HARDCOVER] 1/300 ❧ The American Reprint Company

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The Moving Toyshop by Edmund Crispin [Gervase Fen #3]


*1 of only 300 Copies

Hardcover in very good condition.  Minor shelf wear to boards.  Title page has a clipping tape-in.  Otherwise, like new. 

Richard Cadogan's Oxford holiday turns into a mystery solving adventure full of dangerous twists and unexpected turns.

After an eventful train journey, Cadogan arrives in Oxford late at night only to realise that he has forgotten the exact address of his stay. Relying on a distant memory of the place he boarded in years ago he accidentally enters a toyshop where, to his surprise and fright, he finds the dead body of a woman. Knocked out and locked in the store room, Cadogan emerges to find that the body is gone and the toyshop has turned inexplicably into a grocery shop. Luckily for the puzzled poet his old university friend Gervase Fen is there, ready to plunge into the midst of this mystery.

The Moving Toyshop is Edmund Crispin's most famous novel featuring eccentric amateur detective, Gervase Fen.