The Nature of The Psyche: Its Human Expression by Jane Roberts & Seth [FIRST PAPERBACK PRINTING] 1984

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The Nature of The Psyche: Its Human Expression by Jane Roberts & Seth 


1st bantam printing w/ awesome cover art.

Book is in excellent condition;  light shelf wear to cover / tanning to pages.  Reads like new.  

Western society has attempted to force all expression of love into sexual activity, or otherwise ban it entirely. Sexual performance is considered the one safe way of using the great potential of human emotions. When it seems to you that society is becoming licentious, in many ways it is most inhibited..."

In Seth SpeaksThe Nature of Personal Reality, and The "Unknown" Reality, Seth—the trance personality who speaks through Jane Roberts—has explained the larger abilities and "forgotten" components of man's multidimensional universe. Now, for the first time, Seth reveals the true nature of human personality and its interactions with the flesh.

Here you'll read how dreams don't merely process information but actually gather data; how early man was able to merge his consciousness with the world around him; the intimate link between mental images, language, and physiological structure; and the crucial importance of believing in the "innate good intent" of all mankind. Seth documents the body's amazing capacity for self-renewal in old age, showing which physical ills can be traced to impulses that have been blocked or repressed, and how each of us chooses our own physical death— sometimes years in advance.

He also offers the true basis for homosexuality, lesbianism, and bisexuality; why love is "naturally creative and explorative," and how civilization has, down through the centuries, used sex as an allegory to make sense of its experience. Here too are new insights on the universe that is the psyche's natural habitat; new perspectives on creation and evolution; a fascinating examination of how events themselves rise into being; and a discussion of how other people—even other life forms— help form what you consider as "your" personality.

Perhaps most liberating of all are Seth's "Games Anybody Can Play": creative, playful exercises to help you stretch your being to its full potential. (Consciously construct a dream, envision your life depicted as a comic strip, imagine familiar scenes for far-distant physical perspectives. ..) For in this, The Nature of the Psyche, Seth has produced his most provocative and challenging book.