The Only Living Witness by Stephen Michaud & Hugh Aynesworth [REVISED PAPERBACK / 1989]

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The Only Living Witness: A True Account of Homicidal Insanity by Stephen Michaud & Hugh Aynesworth


Rare 1989 mass market paperback printing.  Like new with some very light wear. 

Ted Bundy was America's first celebrity serial killer, and one of the most chilling enigmas in criminal history. Handsome, boyish and well-spoken, a law student with bright political prospects, Bundy was also a predator and sexual deviant who murdered and mutilated at least thirty young women and girls, many of them college coeds but at least two as young as twelve. 

Only he can tell us how, and why. Now, from death row he Authors Stephen G. Michaud & Hugh Aynesworth

"The Only Living Witness towers over the rest of the Ted Bundy bookshelf . . . [as] a monument to book-length journalism" -- Jack Olsen, author of The Misbegotten Son.

"A shining example of excellent reporting, fine writing, and a story of enduring value."--Carlton Stowers, author of Careless Whispers.