The Plague Dogs by Richard Adams [FIRST EDITION / FIRST PRINTING] 1978

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The Plague Dogs by Richard Adams


Hardcover with dust jacket in excellent condition.   

Book and jacket both like new w/ only trace wear.  Gorgeous!

Richard Adams, the author of Watership Down, creates a lyrical and engrossing tale, a remarkable journey into the hearts and minds of two canine heroes, Snitter and Rowf.

After being horribly mistreated at a government animal research facility, Snitter and Rowf escape into the isolation, and terror, of the wilderness. Aided only by a fox they call ''the Tod,'' the two dogs must struggle to survive in their new environment. When the starving dogs attack some sheep, they are labeled ferocious man-eating monsters, setting off a great dog hunt that is later intensified by the fear that the dogs could be carriers of the bubonic plague.