The Polyglots by William Gerhardie [REVISED DEFINITIVE EDITION] 1970 • St. Martin's

  • $35.00

The Polyglots by William Gerhardie


Vintage mid-sized hardcover in very good condition.  Dust jacket has some wear to edges, but is otherwise very nice. 

Book itself looks and reads good as new. 

The Polyglots is the story of an eccentric Belgian family living in the Far East in the uncertain years after World War I and the Russian Revolution. The tale is recounted by their dryly conceited young English relative, Captain Georges Hamlet Alexander Diabologh, who comes to stay with them during a military mission. Teeming with bizarre characters—depressives, obsessives, paranoiacs, hypochondriacs, and sex maniacs—Gerhardie paints a brilliantly absurd world where the comic and the tragic are profoundly and irrevocably entwined.