The Remarkable Journey of Prince Jen by Lloyd Alexander [FIRST EDITION]

  • $15.00


Hardcover with dust jacket.  Dust jacket has some mild shelf wear.  Book itself has a few spots of tape damage on front of cover, but reads beautifully.   Some mild staining to outer page edges, not visible when reading. 

*This ex-library copy has been custom refurbished.  All library materials have been removed and flyleaf pages have been fixed to inside covers for a much cleaner presentation.   No stamps.  Tiny handwritten code on title page. 

When Prince Jen volunteers to search for the legendary court of T'ien-kuo, a mysterious old man chooses six gifts for him to bear in homage: a saddle, a sword, a paint box, a bowl, a kite, and a flute. Puzzled by the gifts but full of high spirits and pride, Jen sets off, but stumbles almost immediately into a series of misfortunes. Only with the help of his faithful servant, Mafoo, and valiant flute-girl, Voyaging Moon, and only after a breathtakingly exciting string of adventures can Jen discover the real meaning of the gifts and face his true destiny.