The Savior by Marvin & Mark Werlin [FIRST BOOK CLUB EDITION] 1978 • Simon & Schuster

  • $12.00

The Savior by Marvin Werlin & Mark Werlin


First book club edition with identical jacket art to the first edition.

Dust jacket has some visible discoloration / wear and tear; some wrinkling via mild water damage.

Book is excellent and reads as new. 

His touch can heal.  His looks can kill...

An extraordinary novel of power and love that ranks with The Shining and Salem's Lot, The Savior is about a boy who is normal in every respect except one:  He possesses the greatest gift man can have... With a touch of his hand he can heal.  But the power has a dark side, propelling him into subconscious acts of evil, signaled by the appearance of a blood-red tear from the corner of his eye.