The Secret Pilgrim by John le Carré [U.S. FIRST EDITION]

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The Secret Pilgrim by John le Carré [GEORGE SMILEY #8]


Hardcover with dust jacket in very good reading condition.    Visible shelf wear to jacket.  Book reads like new;  a few water stains [color drain] to cloth part of cover.  

Nothing is as it was. Old enemies embrace. The dark staging grounds of the Cold War--whose shadows barely obscure the endless games of espionage--are flooded with light. The rules are rewritten, the stakes changed and the future unfathomable.
Ned has worked for the British Intelligence all of his life--a loyal, shrewd officer of the Cold War. Now approaching the end of his career, he revisits his own past. He invites us on a tour of three decades in the Circus, burrowing deep in the world of spies from every corner of the globe.