The Selkie by Charles Sheffield & David Bischoff [FIRST PAPERBACK PRINTING] 1983

  • $10.00

The Selkie by Charles Sheffield & David Bischoff


1st paperback printing with windowed embossed cover and stepback beneath. 

Vintage paperback in good reading condition.

Some staining to text block.  Reads perfectly with just some water stains to margin of last few pages.

Mary Willis comes from America to Scotland to join her husband who is working on an engineering project in a rugged coastal village. It is here that she meets Jamie McPherson and is swept up in a love beyond imagination. Mary is sure she has known him through the depths of time, feels he is intoxicating her senses commanding her will, consuming her body and soul. And she is always ready for him, this stranger cloaked in a beauty that is more than human, until, little by little, she uncovers the nature of his dark and terrible secret.