The Silent Enemy by Ernest T. Jahn [FIRST PRINTING] 1980 • Zebra Horror

  • $49.00

The Silent Enemy by Ernest T. Jahn


A rare early Zebra horror / thriller paperback exclusive about killer plants.

Vintage paperback in very good condition.  

Read-wear to spine; and some light shelf wear to cover.  shop stamp inside cover.  Reads good as new. 

On a barren volcanic island in the hot tropics of the South Pacific, an alien form of plant life is flourishing.  Growing at incredible speed and transmitting radioactive emissions, the lush green overgrowth seems to be communicating--as if it has a mind of its own.

Beneath the sparkling clear waters of the Pacific, a tremendous mass off seaweed is thriving.  Floating slowly through the water, it looks quite harmless-- but its hude hidden tentacles have the power to crush a nuclear sub, and the density to strangle millions of fish.. before it begins to suffocate the entire world.