The Starchild Trilogy by Frederik Pohl & Jack Williamson [HARDCOVER OMNIBUS] 1977

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The Starchild Trilogy by Frederik Pohl & Jack Williamson [REEFS OF SPACE, STARCHILD. ROGUE STAR]


Hardcover with dust jacket in excellent condition.  

Some shelf / rub wear to jacket. 

Book itself is near mint.  Reads as new. 

The Reefs of Space brings humanity to the brink of the stars. Steve Ryeland, enslaved by Earth's tyrannical Plan of Man computer, is given the world's most important job: to develop a "jetless drive," an extraordinary new space propulsion mechanism. Yet the most important thing on Steve's mind was not his work, but the iron collar locked securely around his neck. Filled with a lethal charge of explosives, it could be detonated any time the Plan of Man considered him too much of a risk. That's why he had to obey every order & succeed at his experiments. Only then, perhaps, could he use the jetless drive himself…& escape to the safety of the half-mythical Reefs of Space, strange formations rumored to exist somewhere beyond Pluto's orbit. But if he failed, the next step would be the Living Body Bank—a scientific horror chamber from which no one ever returned. (1st published in World of IF Science Fiction magazine, '63)

Starchild stretches even further into the future. Machine Major Boysie Gann has been assigned to duty on Polaris Station, one of the artificial sun-satellites circling near the forbidden reefs. His job: find the Starchild—the source of the mysterious ultimatum calling on the Plan of Man to relinquish its total control over humanity. As proof of his powers, the Starchild has threatened to extinguish the Sun. The awesome fact is—he can actually do it. (1st published as a serial in Galaxy Magazine, '64)

In the thought-provoking novel, Rogue Star, man & sun can become one…an unstoppable combination of energy & intellect. But what happens when a rogue star falls in love with a human women? Is there any way passion can be fulfilled? Molly Zaldivar discovered the terrifying answer when she was picked to join with an almost god-like being she regarded an unnatural monster. (1st published as a serial in If magazine, '69)