The Summoning by Bentley Little [FIRST HARDCOVER EDITION] 1993 • Signet BCE

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The Summoning by Bentley Little 


*First published in hardcover form as a book club exclusive.

Hardcover with dust jacket in very good condition.

Dust jacket has a bookshop apocalypse sticker on spine [patched tear]

Otherwise very good.  Book itself looks and reads as new with a hint of tanning. 

A horrifying tale from the Bram Stoker Award-winning author of Revelation. The first body was found completely purged of all blood. The authorities thought it was the work of a serial killer, but Sue Wing's grandmother knew the truth: that a monster thirsting for blood was on the loose.

Darkness is descending on the small town of Rio Verde, Arizona. An evil older than time is rising from the desert, waiting for night to fall and a reign of terror to begin....

Brad Woods has performed a lot of autopsies, but never one like this. The body is purged of all blood.

Fear has made Sue Wing run from the darkened school and into night, a fear so powerful she can only name it using the Cantonese myths of her grandmother: Cup-hu-girngsi, the corspe who drinks blood.

Reporters like Rich Carter don't believe in the supernatural, but all the signs are pointing to the same conclusion: a vampire is stalking the streets of Rio Verde.

No, Rich Carter doesn't believe in such things. Not yet. But he will come to believe with a faith borne of horror after horror....