The Terror Trap by Willo Davis Roberts [FIRST EDITION / 1971]

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The Terror Trap by Willo Davis Roberts


Vintage paperback in very good condition.  Light wear and tanning.  

To Cillay Montand, the house on Hillside Street seemed a haven from a world suddenly grown large . . . and uncaring. The old world, of family love and safety, was gone forever with the death of her parents, and now this house and her Aunt Elsa were the only things left to Cillay, and her retarded sister, Pam. Aunt Elsa was expecting them, and here everything would again be all right. . .But Aunt Elsa was not expecting them at all, and her house was not a haven. . . not for Cillay, and certainly not for the strange collection of people who lived there. There was an unseen host ---Death! But this Death wore a mask of friendship and kindness, and Cillay found herself trapped in a nightmare world where hate masqueraded as love.