The Town by Bentley Little [FIRST EDITION HARDCOVER] 2000

  • $26.00

The Town by Bentley Little 


*First published in hardcover form as a book club exclusive.

Hardcover with dust jacket in very good condition.

Dust jacket looks great; a few worn edges and some shelf wear.  In a new HQ brodart jacket protector.

Book itself is in excellent shape and reads good as new.

Welcome to McGuane, Arizona. Population: 200...199...198...197...

Gregory Tomasov has returned with his family to the quaint Arizona community of his youth. In McGuane, the air is clean, the land is unspoiled. Nothing much has changed. Except now, no one goes out after dark. And no one told Gregory that he shouldn't have moved into the old abandoned farm on the edge of town. Once upon a time something bad happened there. Something that's now buried in its walls. Something now reborn in the nightmares of Gregory's young son. Something about to be unleashed. What happened once is going to happen again in...The Town. You can't go home again.