The Ultimate Good Luck by Richard Ford [U.K. FIRST EDITION] 1989 • Collins

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The Ultimate Good Luck by Richard Ford


Hardcover with dust jacket in excellent condition. 

Dust jacket is pristine w only minor trace shelf wear; now housed in a new archival quality jacket protector. 

Book itself is mint; looks and reads like new.

An atmospheric thriller of menace, eroticism, and psychological revelation.

Harry Quinn and his girlfriend Rae head to Oaxaca, Mexico to spring Rae's brother Sonny from jail and protect him from the sinister drug dealer he is suspected of having double-crossed. But instead of a simple jail-break, Harry and Rae fall into a nightmarish series of entanglements with ex-pat whores and mute Zapotec Indians.

The Cocaine Era's answer to Graham Greene, this exquisitely choreographed novel tracks Rae's and Harry's inexorable descent into the Mexican underworld, where only a stroke of ultimate good luck can keep them alive.