The Year's Best Horror Stories XIV edited by Karl Edward Wagner [1986 PAPERBACK]

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The Year's Best Horror Stories XIV edited by Karl Edward Wagner 


Vintage paperback in excellent condition.  Light wear to cover. 

Of clanking chains, eerie howls, and things that go bump in the night... Karl Edward Wagner, a master at unearthing the most haunting tales of terror created by his fellow practitioners in the dark art of freezing your blood, has, with this new collection of The Year's Best Horror Stories, come up with a truly unforgettable gallery of ghoulish delights.

From a man dangerously bespelled by the merest glimpse of a beautiful, mysterious woman... to a child who can only watch helplessly as, one by one, his family begins to disappear... to a co-ed beset by an eerie memory lapse on a college campus where Death teaches one final course... to an invitation to a Halloween ceremony where being the guest of honor means being the guest of horror... here are nineteen magnificent chillers by brilliant new talents and such acclaimed authors as Tanith Lee, Charles L. Grant, Ramsey Campbell, Dennis Etchison, and William Nolan.

Introduction: Nurturing Nightmares by Karl Edward Wagner
Penny Daye by Charles L. Grant
Dwindling by David B. Silva
Dead Men's Fingers by Phillip C. Heath
Dead Week by Leonard Carpenter
The Sneering by Ramsey Campbell
Bunny Didn't Tell Us by David J. Schow
Pinewood by Tanith Lee
The Night People by Michael Reaves
Ceremony by William F. Nolan
The Woman in Black by Dennis Etchison
Beside the Seaside Beside the Sea by Simon Clark
Mother's Day by Stephen F. Wilcox
Lava Tears by Vincent McHardy
Rapid Transit by Wayne Allen Sallee
The Weight of Zero by John Alfred Taylor
John's Return to Liverpool by Christopher Burns
In Late December, Before the Storm by Paul M. Sammon
Red Christmas by David S. Garnett
Too Far Behind Gradina by Steve Sneyd