To Brooklyn With Love by Gerald Green [FIRST EDITION • FIRST PRINTING] 1967 • Trident Press

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To Brooklyn With Love by Gerald Green


True first edition with a fully in tact front panel w/ original $5.95 price.

Hardcover with dust jacket in excellent condition.  Dust jacket is in great shape.  Light wear to edges.  Looks great in a new archival quality jacket protector.

Book itself is excellent.  Boards are pristine.  Slight discoloration to text block.  Reads like new. 

As in Gerald Green's memorable The Last Angry Man, the setting is Brownsville, a decaying yet stubbornly vital neighborhood of old two-story homes and crumbling tenements. The time is the Depression, that era of murdered hopes and betrayed promises, and the action takes place on a single breathless day in July, 1934.

The Ulysses of Mr. Green's narrative is Albert Abrams: 12, near-sighted, undersized, cursed with weak ankles and flabby muscles, the last man chosen for the ringalevio teams even though he boasts the highest IQ in the history of Public School 133. Scorned by the athletes and wildmen, Albert finds strength in Kipling, Conrad, and Jack London. Moreover, he is the greatest scorekeeper in the annals of Longview Avenue sporting events.