Torture Killers II by Rose G. Mandelsberg [FIRST PRINTING / 1994]

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Torture Killers II by Rose G. Mandelsberg [From the Files of True Detective Magazine]


Book is like new w/ some minor edge wear to cover. 

The signs are always clear to police investigators at the crime scenes. The victims are bound like animals ready for slaughter. Their bodies bear the bloody marks of the killer's sadistic rituals of torture and pain. It is never simply murder in these cases, but the grisly work of the most frightening kind of monster: the Torture Killer.

Are they crimes of perverse passion or the deliberate plans of twisted minds driven by the need to make other human beings suffer before they die? Find out as you readTorture Killers, twenty of the most terrible cases of sadistic murder in the history of modern criminal history as collected from the files of True Detective Magazine.