Traditional Irish Fairy Tales by James Stephens & Arthur Rackham [TRADE PAPERBACK / 1996]

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Traditional Irish Fairy Tales by James Stephens & illustrated by Arthur Rackham 


Book is in excellent condition; like new with minimal trace wear. 

The mystical lore of ancient Ireland and its colorful pageant of warrior heroes and enchantress heroines come marvelously to life in Irish Fairy Tales, James Stephens collection of classic folk fantasies retold for modern readers. Vividly illustrated with sixteen full-color and more than twenty black-and-white illustrations by celebrated book illustrator Arthur Rackham, the ten stories gathered in this volume capture the soul of the Emerald Isle and the lyrical beauty of its legendry.

Readers of all ages will thrill to the tale of shapeshifting Tuan mac Cairill, the living incarnation of Irish myth; of Fionn mac Uail, lord of the Fianna, who lost his bride to the sorcery of the Dark Magician; of the four cannibal hags of Cesh Corran, who bewitched unwary wayfarers in their enchanted cave; and other tales of romance, adventure, and magic.

Read these stories and revel in the romance of a time when Irelands old gods ruled and the worlds of Faery and humankind were magically intertwined