Up From The Pedestal: Selected Writings in the History of American Feminism edited by Aileen S. Kraditor [TRADE PAPERBACK / 1968]

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Up From The Pedestal : Selected Writings In The History Of American Feminism edited by Aileen S. Kraditor 


5th printing.

HQ vintage Trade Paperback.  Looks brand new; minor creasing to cover.  Acid free pages are still bright white.  

Most of the selections in this book were written by feminists who discussed the proper sphere of women in society, the reasons for male superiority, and the tactics women should use to enter professions, get the vote, and achieve equality in other ways.  Some anti-feminist writings are also included to illustrate contemporary thinking on the issue and to show what the feminists wee up against.  Miss Kraditor contributes enlightening commentary and an introduction which suggests reasons for the rise and partial success, as well as failures of the womens rights movements.