Valentine by Tom Savage [FIRST PAPERBACK PRINTING / 1997]

  • $10.00

Valentine by Tom Savage


Mass market paperback w/ cool embossed metallic cover. 

Book has a bit of a bend to it but binding is solid.   Hint of foxing to outer edges.  Otherwise, a perfect reading copy.

The novel that inspired the 2001 slasher film of the same name... [don't worry, the book is actually good.]

Jillian Talbot seems to have everything: a lovely home in Greenwich Village, a small circle of close friends, a handsome and passionate lover who has just proposed to her, and a glamorous career as a bestselling author of suspense novels. Her writing has captivated thousands of fans, but she has always been safe from the terrifying scenes she creates. Until now. Somewhere in the shadows of New York City, someone is watching her. He knows her every move, her every fear, almost before she knows it herself. He is as devoted as a lover, courting her in his own mysterious way - leaving notes in her mailbox, gifts on her doorstep, messages on her answering machine. His motives are as cryptic as the name he goes by: Valentine. But his intentions are deadly clear. For Jill Talbot, the terror has just begun. Wherever she runs, he will find her. And soon she will meet him on his terrible day of judgment. His triumphant day. Her darkest day. Valentine's Day. - Bookshop Apocalypse