Vows and Honor [The Oathbound & Oathbreakers] by Mercedes Lackey [HARDCOVER OMNIBUS]

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Vows and Honor [Valdemar: Vows & Honor #1-2] by Mercedes Lackey [THE OATHBOUND & OATHBREAKERS]


Hardcover with dust jacket in excellent condition.   Light shelf / edge wear to DJ.  Book looks and reads beautifully!

INCLUDES the first two books of the series, The Oathbound & Oathbreakers.

The sole survivor of a raiders' killing spree, Tarma shena Tale'sedrin becomes a Swordsworn warrior-priestess of the Goddess and vows to found a new Clan Tale'sedrin someday. She is helped in her quest by Kethry, who fled an abusive past to master her magical talent as a White Winds mage. Together Tarma and Kethry are bound by Kethry's sword Need to come to the aid of any woman in danger. As they go on missions of mercy and perform mercenary deeds to survive, the blood-sisters attempt to re-found the clan.