War Games by James Park Sloan [FIRST PAPERBACK PRINTING] 1973

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War Games by James Park Sloan 


Vintage paperback in excellent condition. 

Minor wear to cover.  Reads as new.

Big hero in a small war. Didn't seem like much of a war, Vietnam. Still, it was a war, and he was going to become a soldier, a fighting man among men. To finish off his liberal education. But at Can Tho in the Mekong Delta, far from Harvard, apple pie and the girl he left behind, his only battle is against the system and the ass-saving brass who'd rather play games than fight. Until it happens: his first combat mission. His first taste of the brutality and killing. Under the roaring onslaught of strafing jets hurling death from the skies, in a dying village bathed in the red glare of a napalm holocaust, something inside him snaps. This man will go home with a hero's medal on his chest. And the blood of the wrong enemy on his soul.