War of the Godfathers: The Bloody Battle for Vegas by William F. Roemer Jr. [FIRST PAPERBACK PRINTING] 1991

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War of the Godfathers by William F. Roemer Jr. 


Vintage paperback in very good condition.

Some wear to cover; Reads good as new.

The stakes -- Las Vegas. The players -- Bonanno vs. Accardo.

William F. Roemer, Jr., is the renowned FBI agent whose relentless crusade against the mob outshone even that of legendary crime buster Eliot Ness. Only Roemer -- the most-decorated hero in the FBI and the most-wanted man on the underworld's hit list -- could tell the electrifying inside story of the no-holds-barred duel that pitted the reigning dons of New York and Chicago against each other for the most precious jewel in the organized crime crown -- Vegas.

Featuring the battling godfathers themselves -- Joe Bonanno and Tony "Joe Batters" Accardo -- plus a rogues gallery of high rollers, professional hitters, capos, underbosses, and soldiers, here are the strategies, the setups, the takedowns, and the double crosses in the real words of the men who cut the deals -- and the throats -- in the biggest, deadliest power play in the history of the mob and the annals of true crime.