When a Darkness Falls by Paul Zindel [FIRST PAPERBACK PRINTING / 1985]

  • $16.00

When a Darkness Falls: A Novel of Adult Terror by Paul Zindel 


Adult horror novel by the popular children's book author of The Pigman.

Excellent retro reading copy w/ embossed cover.    

Slight lean to spine and some nicked edges / wear to cover. 

Inside, pages look immaculate and read like new with some tanning.  

Someone is killing women in the high-priced canyons around Los Angeles. Someone who strikes ruthlessly, randomly, leaving his red badge of rage on his victims’ bodies…

For Jack and Marjorie Krenner and their two small children, life in their new home among the rich and famous is a dream come true. Until slowly they wake to the fear that walks the night. And soon they know that nothing, not the iron gates nor the alarms nor the watchdogs, can protect them from a killer who is closer to home than they dare imagine.