Whispers IV edited by Stuart David Schiff [FIRST PAPERBACK PRINTING] 1988

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Whispers IV edited by Stuart David Schiff


EPIC horror anthology! 

Vintage paperback in very good condition.   Reads perfectly w some shelf and edge wear to cover.

This anthology contains: The Reflex Man in Whinnymuir Close by Russell Kirk; The Warrior Who did not Know Fear by Gerald W. Page; Into Whose Hands by Karl Edward Wagner; Elle Est Trois La Mort by Tanith Lee; A Night on the Docks by Freff; Creative Coverage by Michael Shea; Out of Copyright by Ramsey Campbell; Come to the Party by Frances Garfield; Fair Trade by William F. Nolan; I Never Could Say Goodbye by Charles L. Grant; The Devil You Say by Lawrence Treat; Diploma Time by Frank Belknap Long; Tell Us about the Rats Grandpa by Stephen Kleinhen; What Say the Frogs Now Jenny by Hugh B. Cave; The Beholder by Richard Christian Matheson; and The Dancer in the Flames by David Drake