Whores For Gloria by William T. Vollman [FIRST EDITION / 1991]

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Whores For Gloria by William T Vollman


Hardcover with dust jacket in excellent condition. 

Dust jacket has rub wear but is otherwise in great shape.  Book itself looks and reads like new.  

From the acclaimed author of The Rainbow Stories, The Ice Shirt, and Fathers and Crows comes this fever dream of a novel about an alcoholic Vietnam veteran, Jimmy, who devotes his government check and his waking hours to the search for a beautiful and majestic street whore, a woman who may or may not exist save in Jimmy's rambling dreams. Gloria's image seems distilled from memory and fantasy and the fragments of whatever Jimmy can buy from the other whores: their sex, their stories--all the unavailing dreams of love and salvation among the drinkers and addicts who haunt San Francisco's Tenderloin District.  - Bookshop Apocalypse