Witches Abroad by Terry Pratchett [1991 HARDCOVER] Discworld #12

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Witches Abroad by Terry Pratchett [DISCWORLD #12]


Nice vintage reading copy w/ gilded spine.  Missing dust jacket.  

Some discoloration or stains to boards. Nothing too major.  Inside is clean and reads good as new.  Front endpaper fixed to underside of cover. 

The Whole Discworld Better Watch Out When A Witch Like Magrat Garlick Suddenly Becomes A Fairy Godmother...

"I niver had time to Trane a replaysment so youll have to Do. You must goe to the city of Genua. I would of done thys myself only I cannot by reason of bein dead. Ella Saturday muste NOTTE marry the prins."

Magrat looked at the slim white wand that had come with the note. "Oh, my," she said. "I'm a fairy godmother..."

It's sad by true: Death waits for no one, not even a fairy godmother. So when Emberella's Fairy Godmother Desiderata was unexpectedly "called away," it fell to three of the Discworld's most dedicated witches -- Magrat Garlick, Granny Weatherwax and Nanny Ogg -- to grab their broomsticks and keep the dear departed Desiderata's appointment in far distant Genua.

Their mission was to save the beautiful, innocent Emberella from her *other* fair godmother's determination to create a traditional "happy ending." A happy ending that would see sweet young Ella married off to the highly questionable Duc -- and leave the godmother herself in charge of not only the royal newlyweds, but all of Genua.

Before they reached the end of their breakneck and ill-prepared-for journey, Magrat, Nanny and Granny faced all the usual travelers' woes, plus more than their quota of storybook encounters -- from a vampire who was terrorizing a small town, to a little red-hooded girl and the extremely confused werewolf who was pursuing her -- not to mention the problems caused by Magrat's newly aquired wand, which would only do pumpkins.

But their troubles didn't really begin until they reached the city of Genua. for sweet-talk and spells were useless in full-blown case of fairy godmother rivalry!