Witnessed: The True Story of the Brooklyn Bridge UFO Abductions by Budd Hopkins [FIRST EDITION]

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Hardcover with dust jacket in excellent condition.  Like new w/ some very minor shelf wear to dj. 

After writing his bestseller "Intruders", author Budd Hopkins, subsequently learned of an extraordinary witnessed abduction-- This book reveals this unprecedented & amazingly complex case for the first time in its entirety.

In New York City, on 30 November 1989, at approximately 3:00 am, Linda Cortile, a married mother of two, was seen emerging from an apartment building window 12 stories above the ground accompanied by three small alien figures. Suspended within a blue beam of light, Linda and her captors were lifted into a large reddish-orange glowing UFO, which then moved off in the direction of the Brooklyn Bridge.

Several witnesses, including a world political leader, saw - and later independently corroborated - this event. It is the evidence of numerous and influential eyewitnesses to this abduction that shatters all previous patterns of UFO encounters. But when Linda Cortile first reported her abduction, Budd Hopkins, an authority in the field of UFO research, conducted a thorough investigation, including a hypnosis session, and concluded that there was nothing unique about the incident among the hundreds of abductees he studied. That assessment changed dramatically when Hopkins later received a letter in which two men, identified as New York City police officers, described sitting helplessly in a car under the FDR Drive and watching three "creatures" escort a woman into a reddish-organge glowing oval hovering in the sky. Hopkins sensed he was now on the verge of a major breakthrough in providing evidence of the reality of UFO abductions. Whatever the aliens' motives, the details of this case - from an inexplicable metallic object implanted in Linda's body to the independent witnesses and their verified accounts of the abduction - challenge all preconceptions about UFOs and alien abductions. Budd Hopkins is the author of "Missing Time" and "Intruders".