Wonder Boys by Michael Chabon [FIRST PAPERBACK PRINTING]

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Book is in excellent condition; like new w/ very minor wear. 

In his first novel since The Mysteries of Pittsburgh, Chabon presents a hilarious and heartbreaking work—the story of the friendship between the "wonder boys"—Grady, an aging writer who has lost his way, and Crabtree, whose relentless debauchery is capsizing his career.

Grady Tripp is a pot-bellied, pot-smoking, over-sexed, aging novelist, struggling to finish the long-awaited follow-up to his award-winning novel. He teaches creative writing at a Pittsburgh college while battling with his 2000-page masterpiece, Wonder Boys.

But a visit from his rumbustious, bizarre editor, Terry Crabtree, initiates a chaotic weekend, an odyssey, on which they are joined by Grady's brilliant student, his pregnant mistress and a beautiful student lodger, and which involves a tuba, a dead dog, Marilyn Monroe's jacket and a squashed boa constrictor.

The result is a hilarious, poignant search for past promise, future fame and a purpose to Grady's life.