A Neil Jordan Reader [Night in Tunisia, Dreams of a Beast & The Crying Game] 1993 PAPERBACK

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A Neil Jordan Reader [Night in Tunisia, Dreams of a Beast & The Crying Game]


Cover and binding are excellent; mild shelf wear.  Pages have tanning. 

Night in TunisiaFirst published when he was barely 25, these stories introduce us to a young builder in despair as he enters the primeval atmosphere of a public bath; teenaged boys lolling about seaside resorts, boasting about their exploits with women; a young man and an older woman playing out the last movement of their affair; and an adolescent musician who prostitutes his talent. This book, which won raves at its first publication, shows all the hallmarks of the writer who became the award-winning film director so well known today.

Dreams of a Beast - A surrealistic second novel by the Oscar-winning film-maker Neil Jordan. A man dreams he is working on a campaign to advertise the scent of musk, whose animal attraction is peculiarly appropriate for the relationship developing between himself and the woman who has given him the commission.

The Crying Game - The original screenplay for the feature film written & directed by Neil Jordan.    A British soldier kidnapped by IRA terrorists soon befriends one of his captors, who then becomes drawn into the soldier's world.