Against the Fall of Night by Arthur C. Clarke [1970 PAPERBACK]

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Against the Fall of Night by Arthur C. Clarke


Mass market paperback.  5th pyramid printing. Nice vintage reading copy with discoloration to back cover.  Binding is tight.  Pages have yellowing.  


Mankind has reached the heights of civilization. Men live thousands of years in perfect freedom and leisure - their wants are attended to by ingenious machines - peace and culture flourish in ways undreamed of in our time. And yet . . . mankind is dying. The price of peace has been the loss of the needed human qualities of curiosity and drive - they have been bred out of the human race. So when young Alvin of Diaspar began asking questions, he was looked on as a dangerous freak, a throwback. But Alvin kept asking, kept looking, kept seeking out the truth . . .

. . . and what he found offered his people a dreadful choice - battle and destruction, or a new and richer destiny!  - Bookshop Apocalypse