Bizarre Murderers II by Rose G. Mandelsberg [FIRST PRINTING / 1993]

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Bizarre Murderers II: From the Files of True Detective Magazine by Rose G. Mandelsberg


1st edition / 1st print w/ embossed cover.   Like new and unread copy w/ some minor shelf wear to cover and some trace foxing to first few pages. 

They are twisted killers who live in a dark world of perversion and death... A world where simple murder is not enough to satisfy their depraved bloodlust.  Chilling obsessions and cold-blooded fantasies drive them to commit hideous atrocities that shock even the most jaded homicide investigation.

Bizarre Murderers was the first book to recount the gruesome crimes of these frightening criminals.  And now, from the authentic files of True Detective Magazine, this follow-up offers 25 new and revealing true accounts of brutal crimes that go beyond the limits of humanity into the nightmare realm of the truly bizarre.