Crooked Tree by Robert C. Wilson [FIRST PAPERBACK PRINTING] 1981 • Berkley

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Crooked Tree by Robert C. Wilson


1st printing with embossed title fonts and rad stepback page beneath!

Book is in excellent condition.  Light shelf wear to cover.  Reads good as new. 

"An intelligent horror story with skin-crawling entertainment. Crooked Tree is one of the rare books that uses Indian lore with intelligence and respect. The result is an unusual thriller whose supernatural roots are native witchcraft and the werewolf-like concept of 'the Grizzly Woman'."  ---Denver Post

"An intense, meticulously researched thriller that handles Native American beliefs with both suspense and dignity."  ---New York Times

Why are the normally docile black bears now no longer afraid of humans?

Why are they attacking, even when unprovoked?

Can a local attorney  figure out the legend of the bear walk - and could it actually be true, as many Native Americans still believe?