Don't Block The Blessings by Patti LaBelle [SIGNED FIRST EDITION]

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*Title page is inscribed and signed "With Love" by the diva herself, Patti LaBelle.  

Hardcover first printing in excellent condition.  Some very light shelf wear to DJ.  Book looks and reads like new. 

From lead singer with the Blue Belles in the '60s to Grammy Award winner in the '90s, the enduring career of Patti LaBelle is one for the books, revealing the exciting story of her rise to fame, she describes how she overcame serious career setbacks, and writes frankly about her own personal tragedies.

Patti LaBelle has enjoyed phenomenal success for over three decades and won admiration not only for her music but for her tireless charity work and devotion to her fans. Here we get to know Patti LaBelle, a woman who recounts the ups and downs of her life, including the personal tragedies that haunted her even as she reached every professional goal that she set for herself. In the down-to-earth style shes famous for, Patti tells the real story her fans have been waiting for years of crippling fear that she cloaked with non-stop performances. A terrible sense of guilt she tried to assuage through tireless charity work. And finally, a hard-won peace a deep understanding of whats important in life and how its available for all of us if we dont block the blessings.