Egg Monsters From Mars by R.L. Stine [1996 FIRST EDITION] Goosebumps #42

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Egg Monsters From Mars by R.L. Stine [GOOSEBUMPS #42]


First edition paperback w/ textured Goosebumped cover.

Still like new and unread.  Trace shelf wear and one very tiny spot of wear to lower back cover. 

Which came first, the monster or the egg?

An egg hunt. That's what Dana Johnson's bratty little sister, Brandy, wants to have at her birthday party. And whatever Brandy wants, Brandy gets.

Dana's not big on egg hunts. But that was before he found The Egg. It's not like a normal egg. It's about the size of a softball. It's covered with ugly blue and purple veins.

And it's starting to hatch...