Emma by Jane Austen [THE RIVERSIDE PRESS / 1957]

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Emma by Jane Austen


Rare Riverside Editions trade paperback in wonderful condition, especially when considering its age.  Some tanning to an otherwise excellent cover but binding is tight and pages are bright, white and seemingly unread.  Reads good as new. 

Charming, rich, and clever, heiress Emma Woodhouse has no need for an occupation - or a husband. Still, she considers herself quite skilled at matchmaking. Although her dear friend Mr. Knightley advises against it, there is nothing that she enjoys more than entangling herself in the romantic lives of others. But when one of her well-intentioned plans goes awry - as Mr. Knightley rightly predicted - Emma must face the consequences of her meddling.

The delightfully imperfect Emma and her Mr. Knightley have captured the hearts of generations of readers. A lively comedy of manners that has been adapted several times for the screen, Emma is the last work Jane Austen lived to see published.