Fear Street #7: Haunted by R.L. Stine [1990 PAPERBACK]

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Haunted by R.L. Stine [FEAR STREET #7]


Book is in very good condition.  Cover has shelf wear and a bit of chipping to edges.   Great reading copy!

The Night Stalker...

Melissa woke up screaming. The prowler was at her window…or was he? The recent headlines about a Fear Street prowler had everyone on edge. Her father now kept a loaded pistol in his bedroom. That made it even more frightening—and real.

Then the haunting began: her new car driving as if someone else had taken control; her birthday presents ripped open by unseen hands; an invisible force trying to push her out the bedroom window.

Out of the shadows of her bedroom came a menacing figure. Who was he? Did he really come from beyond the grave? And why had he come to kill her? If Melissa doesn’t solve the mystery fast, these questions will haunt her—to death!