In a Dark Dream by Charles L. Grant [FIRST PAPERBACK PRINTING / 1990]

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In a Dark Dream by Charles L. Grant 


First TOR printing with 3-d embossed title on cover.  Book has shelf wear to cover; otherwise like new and unread. 

It's an ordinary summer. Until the dreams began.

Cheryl Erskine awakens screaming every night; she whispers in her father's ear: "Something bad, Daddy."

Glenn Erskine's worried about his daughter, but as police chief, he's got the whole town to worry about--especially with Jimmy Hale on the loose. The murderer had been too crazy to stand trial--he'd been institutionalized instead. Now he's "cured". And coming home.

Dreams are hard to predict, and harder to control. Cheryl and her family are trapped ... in a dark dream.