Prince of Annwn by Evangeline Walton [FIRST EDITION / FIRST PRINTING] 1974

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Prince of Annwn by Evangeline Walton [The Mabinogion Tetralogy #1]


Vintage paperback in excellent condition.  Light shelf wear to cover and tanning to page.  Tight and seemingly still unread copy. 

When Prince Pwyll recognized the Grey Horseman who accosted him in the strange wood as King Arawn, whose other name was Death, he resigned himself to follow him to the drear kingdom of Annwn, where the souls of the departed dwelled.

But Arawn had not sought Pwyll to end his life, rather to set him a task - to fight the one enemy death himself could not overcome... and, for the combat, Pwyll would have to assume Arawn's own form. Pwyll, valiant and steadfast, prepared to meet his foe - but was unready for the greatest test he faced... the temptation of the love offered him by the lady whose husband's guise he wore!