Richard Scarry's Best Story Book Ever [FIRST EDITION ANTHOLOGY] 1968 • Golden Press

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Richard Scarry's Best Story Book Ever by Richard Scarry


Illustrated anthology featuring 82 Richard Scarry stories and poems. 

Oversized hardback sans dust jacket as issued. 

Book is in nice shape.  Cover has  some wear to corners. 

*Three pages mid-book have torn edges at center  [see photos.] thus, one page has a few obstructed words up top.  All other pages are clean, white and read beautifully.  

From the cheery sun on the first page, to the sleepy moon on the last, and throughout all 290 pages in between, there are stories, rhymes and fun with the one-and-only Richard Scarry. Classic tales, alphabet and counting stories, lots of new words and concepts, and visits around town, to the airport, and across the world make this essential book that will captivate even the most restless child.